At GRG, our x-ray technologists will ensure that you receive a high quality and safe x-ray exam to help your doctor make a diagnosis.

What is an X-ray Examination?

An x-ray examination is a simple, painless test that uses x-rays to take pictures of internal tissues, bones, and organs the inside the body to help your doctor make a diagnosis. The type of x-ray exam your doctor orders is determined by the type of information he or she needs to help make a diagnosis and the part of your body being examined.

Results of your x-ray examination will be available to your doctor within hours of your examination. Urgent or emergency results will be communicated immediately.

No preparation is required for general X-ray exams, and may take 15 to 45 minutes to complete.

Is an X-ray safe?

Natural levels of radiation known as background radiation exist everywhere in nature. Background radiation emanates from cosmic rays, rocks, and even soil.The largest source of annual radiation is radon gas in our homes from the soil. People living in high altitudes receive larger annual doses than those at sea level. The amount of radiation from frequent air travel is higher than the average x-ray. The x-ray beam is carefully aimed on and limited to the body part being examined. No radiation remains in your body after an x-ray.

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