At Greenwich Radiology Group, our staff are dedicated to offering the best quality diagnostic radiology exams to our patient in a comfortable, and compassionate environment. Following are the services we offer:

Bone Density
A bone density scan is the most accurate method available to measure the density of your bones, to diagnose osteoporosis and to evaluate for the risk of fracture.

A Computed Tomography Scan (also known as a CT scan or “CAT” scan) uses rotating x-rays and advanced computers to create detailed images of the structures inside your body to assist your doctor in making a diagnosis. In many cases, a contrast dye may also be used to enhance the quality of the images. 

An x-ray examination is a simple, painless test that uses x-rays to take pictures of internal tissues, bones, and organs the inside the body to help your doctor make a diagnosis. The type of x-ray exam your doctor orders is determined by the type of information he or she needs to help make a diagnosis and the part of your body being examined.

An Ultrasound machine uses high-frequency sound waves to create pictures of various body structures of body structures, including the internal organs of the abdomen and pelvis, the arteries and veins, and the pregnant uterus and fetus. Unlike x-rays and CT scans, ultrasound does not use radiation but instead uses the reflection of sound to produce an image.

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